Mr Paul E
ACC Refund $9,611

I work in the fishing industry on the West Coast and have paid a hefty amount in ACC levies over the years. I never realised that the ACC could get their invoicing wrong. Getting an ACC refund made a real difference to the bottom line of my business.

Mr John F
ACC Refund $1,410

The ACC had overcharged me due to our income fluctuating from year to year. My company runs a farming business in Otago and we had paid ACC cover that was not required resulting in an ACC overpayment of $1,410. We assumed ACC would have refunded us but they didn’t. LevyRefunds identified where I had been overcharged and obtained an ACC refund.

Mr Philip M
ACC Refund $1,694

I never really knew if I was paying the right amount for ACC. The best thing about my ACC refund is knowing that I have only paid the correct amount due and the extra money is in my bank account.

Halfway Bay Station 1974 Ltd
ACC Refund $9,147

As a sheep and beef farmer I have paid a lot to the ACC over the years. Getting an ACC refund made such a difference to our business. LevyRefunds’ expert technical knowledge of ACC legislation made all the difference!

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