How It Works

What You Do


Apply Online

Fill in our ACC refund application form online — all we need is some basic information about you and your business activity.

All it takes is a few minutes.

You will need:

  • Your ACC account or IRD number
    (for yourself and each business registered).
  • Your New Zealand driver licence to verify your identity.

What We Do


Time to Analyse Those Invoices

Now that you’ve applied, we do all the hard work. Through our ACC agency, we analyse the last five years of your ACC invoicing for any refunds that may be owed to you.

If you’re due a refund, we will apply for this on your behalf. If we need any additional information or clarification of your ACC situation, you’ll hear from us at this point.


Getting the Good News

We will send you an email letting you know our findings — we love being the bearer of good news, but will inform you either way.


Leave It to Us

Getting your refund is easy with us — we manage the whole process for you. Upon receiving the ACC credit notes, we’ll make sure that everything’s correct and request that the refund be issued by the ACC.

Once the refund is received, we pass the refund and ACC payment advice to you, along with a GST invoice for our service fee that will have already been deducted — simple!

If on the other hand, the ACC credit is used as payment for outstanding ACC levy invoices, we will issue you with an invoice for our service fee.

The ACC refund process does take some time, but we aim to ensure that you receive your ACC refund as quickly as possible — so you should have your refund within 6 to 12 weeks from application.

Claiming Your ACC Refund is Simple!

Simply fill in our online ACC refund application — it only takes a few minutes. We then link with the ACC to act on your behalf as your ACC agent, and do the hard work for you.

We aim to let you know within 10 working days whether you’re owed an ACC refund, and manage the rest of the process for you.

Apply Now!

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